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I can’t watch TV when I run on the treadmill or read while doing the stair master or elliptical.  I find anything other than music to be a distraction from me focusing on my form and breathing.  I’ve tried being like other people and watching TV but it just clutters my mind and I constantly lose my place in any book I’m reading.  So I blast music and I stare straight ahead.  That’s what works for me.

Another thing that works is doing my  workouts alone.  I love having a workout buddy.  My friend, K, always pushes me to push myself a little further than I think I can go.  So I mean I like working out with her but we don’t talk during out workouts.  We both go in our own little music filled zones and just sort of encourage each other using sign language.  That works for me because if I’m staring straight ahead I don’t sneak envious glances at K’s physique and secretly wish I was already her size.  I can focus on me and my goal.

I figured out early on that friends, music and books can be distractions during my workout.  It took me a little while longer to recognize the other distractions I was encountering such as other people, ahem, of the male persuasion, who cross my path at the gym.  That’s right, I was gaga for some of the drool-worthy, bicep-dripping trainers traipsing around my gym.  I literally felt my face get hot whenever any of them so much as smiled at me.  I was totally caught up in what I looked like and how much I perspired while I was working out.  I’m sure I was very close to wearing make up at one point.

Fortunately, I snapped out of it.

Today I realized that focusing my attention on my appearance based on what some sexy trainer thought of me was not working for me.  It was actually causing me to hold back during my workout which kept me from reaching the weekly goals I’d set for myself.  Yes I want to be stylish while getting fit.  Looking cute makes me want to work out harder so there’s nothing wrong with that.  But focusing on my appearance because of some dude isn’t the type of mentality I want to have.   So I’m eliminating this distraction.  From now on those chiseled trainers don’t exist.  They are nonfactors.

All that matters is me, the treadmill and the music.

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