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Katy Perry’s “Roar”…Music Video Reboots…?

Right so…remember when I said I hoped Katy Perry’s music video would be better than Sarah B.’s “Brave” music video?

It wasn’t.

I watched it three times in a row just to see if maybe I was making a snap judgement.

I wasn’t.

Look…I don’t mind campy stuff.  I love it.  Usually.  But not in this case.  We’re talking about some interesting things in this song- things that other women can relate to and we’ve decided to downplay all that with scantily clad Katy Perry roaring at an “actual” lion….LAME.  But at least the “Roar” spell is finally broken…

I’m FREE.  FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST – THANK GOD ALMIGHTY…(too far?)…Well, basically I can go back to listening to PINK….woo!

When I first listened to Sarah B.’s “Brave” I didn’t like the song very much and I attributed that to the fact that her music video was so horrific.  And now that I’ve seen Katy P.’s music video for “Roar,” I like that song less.

So I guess music videos make a difference,..because I was LOVING “Roar” – but I cannot watch that awful music video.

So now I’m thinking that since both Katy Perry’s and Sarah Bareilles’s music videos were so atrocious I should just go ahead and reshoot them.

Why not?

If we can reboot Total (f’ing) Recall for no good reason then I can certainly reboot a couple of harmless music videos.  “Roar” is at the top of my list because I totally have a so-much-more-awesome idea for a music video than some stupid way-too-on-the-nose f’ing jungle music video.

What’s really going on people?  Remember the days when there was a story line, some dancing, and the artist singing at the camera?  Those were good days.  Can we go back to those days?  Or can we try a motif or theme here and there without being too on the nose and simple about it?  Yes, your target audience is dumb ass teenagers (no offense teens) but they aren’t that dumb – they don’t need things broken down for them that much.  I so would not have gone to an actual (but not actual since it wasn’t real) jungle for this music video.



Some of my favorite music videos are Rihanna’s “We Found Love”, Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied”, Justin Timberlake‘s “Gone” and Britney Spears “One More Time”

Those were GOOD music videos.  Tell me you don’t agree???

(side note:  Beyonce consistently has the best music videos….like EVER.  I can honestly say that without a trace of sarcasm even though I’m not an official Beyonce lover – sorry, never have been but that girl can do a damn good music video like nobody’s business)

Right, so back in the day folks were doing some amazing videos.  They seemed to be making an effort.  Nowadays, at least when comes to Katy Perry – videos aren’t hitting the spot.  Even Anna Kendrick‘s “When I’m Gone” was kind of…lame to me and I LOVE that song and her version of it and everything.  But WTF?!  Am I picky?  I’m not that picky – I’ve eaten gluten free pizza!

So I’m literally going to have to just REBOOT the music videos.  Even the ones I loved as a kid.  Why?  Because they’re rebooting everything else.

Hell- while I’m at it maybe I’ll bring back those awesome Dunkin Donuts commercials…”time to make the donuts….

Check out Katy Perry’s “Roar” music video and tell me I shouldn’t reboot that sh*t:

And just for funsies…I would reboot TLC’s “Creep” and “Red Light Special” as well as Britney Spears’s “I’m a Slave for You” – not because they weren’t good music videos.  They were awesome.  But then again, so was Total Recall and while I’m venting – Robocop doesn’t really need a reboot either- can I get an  AMEN?!

But since people feel the need to reboot things that don’t need to be touched (ahem, CARRIE) then I may as well just go ahead and start reshooting music videos.

And seriously, had I known that music videos were going to get progressively worse as I got older I would’ve appreciated them more as a child.  There isn’t a dance routine I would want to learn today.  But I would go back and learn that “I’m a Slave For You” dance routine (which I’ve learned part of…hehehehehe…)

Thoughts?  What other music videos would YOU reboot if given the chance?


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