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Life Without Breaking Bad

I’m not a kid anymore.  I’m not as easily impressed nor do I fall so easily in love with whatever Hollywood decides to throw on television.  As a kid, if Hollywood said it was good then it must’ve been good and so I ate it up.  Looking back, I can’t believe I was a fan of such shows as Full House and Small Wonder.  Bleeeeeehhhh….

I’m a little more selective about what I watch nowadays.  And I have to say thanks to shows like Modern Family and 30 Rock I have a higher standard of what a sitcom should be.  Just because it’s got a laugh track (OK, a live studio audience is instructed to laugh) doesn’t make it funny.

Gone are the days of Friends and Seinfeld – shows that made me laugh my head off, shows that made me laugh just as I was falling asleep, shows that I still quote to this day.  Ugh, I’m so not looking forward to ‘Dads‘ – I’m happy to say goodbye to ‘Happy Endings‘ and OMFG WTF is the fascination with ‘Two Broke Girls?’

Thank God for HULU (yes, I said it, sorry but it’s true).  Thanks to HULU I now have access to UK shows.  Not only are some of them hilarious (and the dramatic ones riveting) but there’s story and plot and amazing characters I wish I knew in real life.  My TV binges are totally UK focused – except when it comes to Breaking Bad.

(Side Note:  I love Walking Dead and Dexter will be sorely missed but let’s face it- Breaking Bad is the absolute shit.)

And so it pains me to say goodbye to this show.  Seriously, what am I supposed to do now?  I know I’ve still got Game of Thrones but it’s not the same.

I’ll admit it, it took me awhile to catch on to Breaking Bad.  I’d missed 4 seasons before I decided to give it a try (and ended up binging on all 4 seasons within the same month, booyah…!) because I didn’t know that it was my ‘cup of tea’ when it first came around.  Plus, I remembered Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle and I wasn’t sure…how I felt…about that….

But Bryan Cranston is obviously a genius.  I have never felt so completely on board with an American actor before him (with the exception of Tom Hanks who can do no wrong).  What he has done with his character is phenomenal.  That being said, the writers of the show really need to be recognized.  I’m sitting on the edge of my seat watching the last episodes of the series and I’m holding my breath, daring not breathe, biting my nails (and I hate biting my nails) and I’m thinking…will I ever be this good?

No TV show has ever made me ask that question.  So there you have it.

And I know Breaking Bad isn’t going to disappoint (in the way that Sopranos and Lost did).  There will be an amazing payoff and if I’m wrong, hey, I’ve still got HULU.  Those UK actors never cease to amaze…

But I know I’m not wrong.

Oh, it breaks my heart to see Breaking Bad end.  Yes, it was a boys’ club and the boys got to do all the cool stuff and the writers made the women hysterical and totally annoying.  Anna Gunn tried but I wasn’t buying it.  Skylar White and her sister (can’t remember the character’s name nor do I know the actress’s name and that’s saying something) look totally hysterical even though I’m sure both actress’s thought their characters were supposed to be “strong.”  It was totally a boys’ club and that sucks.

But the writing was still amazing.

And eventually these people (these men) will come around and let a woman do something amazing and cool…but until then if we can at least continue to get good quality TV to fill the void that Breaking Bad’s departure has left – then maybe I can get some solace in that.

P.S.  I’m also very happy to say goodbye to True Blood.  Just counting the days until Glee is gone.

2 Responses to “Life Without Breaking Bad”

  1. Danny

    disagree Krysten Ritter did AMAZING as Jane! other than that yeah agree with everything you said. I already know Breaking Bad finale will be top 3 favorite finales of all time

    • Dawn Melissa

      Oh right I forgot about her. Yeah she was cool. she was also the only reason to watch Apt 23. I kind of wish that show hadn’t gotten canceled but then again the main girl was just awful to watch. But i digress…yeah I will totally miss Breaking Bad.


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