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Photo Friday: Billy Loomis’s Mom (Spoilers)

I don’t think people understand the awesomeness that is Laurie Metcalf when she played ‘Debbie Salt’ in Scream 2.


MrsLoomisI know Scream 2 is so old – 1997 – but the Scream Franchise is still my absolute favorite franchise and every couple of months (especially around Halloween) I have to watch all three movies…oh wait, now there are 4 movies.  So…reluctantly…I now watch all 4 movies in the franchise.


Let’s be honest.  The 4th one was terrible…like…just awful.  Why did they have to focus on the  teenagers?  Why was Hayden H. in the cast?  Why can’t young actors who play teenagers be less hot and more talented?  Why? Why?! WHY???!!!


As much as I loved Emma Roberts‘s performance at the end of the 4th Scream (nepotism is awesome, isn’t it?) I didn’t much care for her for most of the movie and I especially did not like the rest of the teen cast.  I would have preferred they stayed focused on the characters we’d loved from the start and not introduce this forgettable cast that I wanted to see die anyway.

English: Here you can see the logo of the movi...


And while I’m venting, I really wish PATRICK DEMPSEY hadn’t been in the 3rd Scream.  But yeah, anyway, whenever I have my SCREAM marathons I usually start editing or doing dishes when I get to the 4th movie.

But I digress…

I really love LAURIE METCALF in Scream 2.  I don’t think she got enough credit when the movie first came out and I have a problem with that.  I mean, her speech at the end of the movie was amazing!


“Everyone wants to blame the mother…you want to blame someone, why don’t you blame your mother!”


I’m not sure if that’s an exact quote, maybe I’m paraphrasing.  But if you haven’t seen SCREAM 2 (or any of the Scream movies) in awhile, go back and revisit the awesomeness.


Laurie Metcalf was amazing.


Female killers (in movies) truly rock!


And I just needed to say that.




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