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Body Pump

I never thought I would get over Crunch.  For the longest time I dreaded going to 24 Hr but since that gym has more locations and more options for me I had to let go of Crunch and go with what made sense.  But I longed for my Crunch days.  I longed for the women only sauna where we can sit in towels or nothing at all without being disturbed by the huffing and puffing of muscle meat head men, flapping their arms about begging for attention as they pace back and forth like caged animals, demanding some kind of pat on the back for their super hard work out.  I prefer Crunch because post-workout I like to relax and enjoy the fact that I can still breathe after a super hard workout. Why do men have to ruin everything?

Anyway, it took a long time to let go of Crunch but little by little I did.  Now I look forward to going to 24 Hr fitness.  Now I even take a Body Pump class once a week.  And soon I’ll start taking it twice a week.

Yesterday, I added more weight to my bar and had fewer rests in between sets.  I sense an improvement since I started going.

Looking forward to seeing results.

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