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Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce

I didn’t start crying when Beyonce randomly surprised us with an album drop and music videos.  I thought it was a genius move on her part but I had a pretty calm, albeit, understated reaction.



I nodded and said, “Wow.  Cool,” and went on with my life.

Then I saw the reactions of other people who found out about the album drop.  The tweets…the youtube videos, the crying….it was too much.  LOL but it got me curious about the new album.  And so I sampled it.  And then I downloaded.


I actually bought Beyonce’s music…something I haven’t done since I was teenager.  Why?  Because I stopped being a Beyonce fan – like – that doesn’t make me a hater.  Please don’t do it.  Don’t call me a hater just because my music tastes changed.  But yes, when I graduated from college I realized I was inspired by other music by other artists…I was moved by other types of lyrics….I was no longer a “Diva” and I didn’t want anyone to “Put a ring on” anything.  So Beyonce wasn’t my go-to girl for music for awhile.

Why the change?  Why did I randomly buy this album after all these years of barely tolerating the Beyonce bonanza?

Honestly…it had more to do with social media and everyone’s crazy, over-the-top reactions to Beyonce’s album than it did with her actual music.  But whatever.  I’m officially on that Beyonce bandwagon – already wearing out these songs.  It was only a matter of time before I’d get sucked back into the crazy anyway.

And I’m so happy too…because I needed to update my Ipod workout music.


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