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London – A Few Days In

In London ‘To Let’ basically means ‘For Rent’.  Took me awhile to figure that out last time I was here.


But…If I put the letter ‘I’ between the ‘O’ and the ‘L’ it becomes…


And that’s what gave me the biggest giggle my second day here.  My humor is maturing.  Last year I couldn’t stop laughing at ‘Cockfosters’. 

Anyway, I’m here.  I’m in London.  I’m just getting over my jet lag and my migraine seems to be gone for the moment.  And I’m here.  Words can’t express how happy and excited I am to be here.

So far I’ve been to this incredible wine bar, a cafe in Shoreditch and pizza night with Andrea’s amazing friends.  (Thanks guys! So much fun!)

I came away from pizza night (the pizza was homemade and was so delicious I did not want to stop eating) with some great advice from everyone for today’s interview; “be confident” and “be comfortable.”

With that in mind I’m deciding on something to wear that’s both professional but also ‘me’.  I’m also mentally pepping myself up (I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this!) I’m nervous but also very excited.  I can’t believe it’s here already.

I truly hope this journey won’t be all for naught but as one Andrea’s friends said last night as we all said goodbye, “No matter the outcome, you’re here.  That’s all that matters.”

I wholeheartedly agree.

Wish me luck!

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