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London: The Day After the Big Day

Yesterday I went for my assessment in Camden.

It was totally surreal.  I had to keep pinching myself to be sure it was all actually happening.  Three weeks ago I wasn’t even sure I would be in London and now here I was at an assessment…being assessed.

Moments like these aren’t without its challenges.  The first person that I spoke to while waiting for the interview to begin basically called me “crazy” for flying all the way from Los Angeles for this.  Thank God for my American arrogance, which allowed me to turn her meaning of the word “crazy” into a compliment.

“Thank you,” I said, employing one of my most adorably humble smiles.  She practically crossed her eyes at me.  

It was an amazing moment and it totally reminded me that ‘cutthroat’ doesn’t only exist in Los Angeles.  People all over the world – even in London- will try to knock you off your game right before your big moment.  So I have those horrible experiences at musical theater school and other places in and around Los Angeles to thank for preparing me for this moment.

The rest of the day was really great to be honest.  It just sort of flew by.  I was really impressed with the other candidates and found myself almost rooting for them.  

We were all congratulated for making it as far as we did in the selection process.  Out of 2000 applicants, we were the 20 that had been asked to come for the assessment.

My eyes were as wide as saucers when she said 2000 applicants.  I mean, even I have to give myself a pat on the back…

So we did some group exercises and a writing task and then individual interviews.  I was nervous the whole time but I smiled and I managed to make them laugh at least once, which is a score in my book.  

And then it was done.

I walked around Camden for a bit with Andrea, had some lunch.


Then after a short nap we went for dinner and dessert.


Andrea had the pheasant. I had the venison. Yummy!



Dessert at Princis. Soooo good.


This candy store charges £20 for a box of Twinkies. That’s $32. Insanity. Crooks.

Still had a nice night though.

Now it’s just the waiting game….

They’ll let us know next week which one of us would be selected for The Shuga Campaign Internship.

Oh pins and needles, needles and pins!

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