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London: It’s Not All Good

We will always find a down side to anything we experience. 

The perfect girl you fell in love with at first sight will turn out to be dimwitted with crooked teeth.  The musical you’d been dying to see was “just so-so but could’ve been better.” The new restaurant you were excited to try turned out to have a disappointing food selection.

We can always find a drawback to things we initially thought were perfect and exciting.

Like my feelings toward London.

When I was here last year I was so distracted by the freezing cold weather that I missed the other little things that were happening right in front of me that were off putting. 

Things like racism.

Yes I know I should expect it at this point in life.  It’s not that I’m still going around thinking that there is good in every person in the world.  I don’t believe that anymore but I do expect people, no matter what age they are or how they were raised or what they’ve seen on TV, to behave when they are in a public space in a large city like London.  I’m still shocked when I experience racism because I simply expect better of people.

And when you’re a tourist it kind of sucks when you can see the city’s cracks.  Because that city is showing its ass.

I won’t dwell on it though.  I certainly won’t let it ruin my time here or let it totally put me off beans and toast.  Besides the weather has been too lovely for me to feel anything expect pure bliss.



Another sunny day at Portobello Market in Notting Hill




Also went for a campus visit, which was weird because the guy who gave me the tour couldn’t answer any of my questions and just looked uncomfortable the entire time. 

But Regent’s Park is gorgeous so that made up for the strange interaction with my tour guide.



Hampstead Heath also very pretty.  The sun kept playing hide and seek on this day. 


But I managed to have a good time.


Look how pretty…


And of course no trip to London would be complete without a picture in a phone booth.  I borrowed the shades from Carmen (Andrea’s mom) trying to look cool.


And in case anyone was wondering the Way Out is that way….


3 Responses to “London: It’s Not All Good”

  1. Elder/Pastor Annette Grace

    Hey…you’ve experienced it in school, among your peers and even from your own people. But each time, you have weathered the storm and come out better for it. I think that God has made you a “race buster.” Your gift is to shed light on the ignorant things in life and show just how insignificant ignorance is and how to rise above it. You inspire me. Keep on writing and making movies. Love you much mom.


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