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Daily Prompt: Blues Remedy

When I’m feeling blue I listen to music. 

Actually, the best way to get me out of a bluesy state is to put me in a hot bath, light some candles and play some music.  But in a pinch, like when I’m in public then just straight up music blasting in my ears will do the trick.


When I was a kid it was all about Gospel Music.  If I wanted to blast it loudly it had to be Gospel Music otherwise it couldn’t be played.  I needed that music to be loud and just sort of envelope me while I decompressed from whatever kind of day I was having.  So if it was Gospel music then I would take what I could get.  (That’s not to say that I don’t actually enjoy listening to Gospel music.  I do.  I just didn’t have much of a choice as a kid.)


Nowadays, I listen to various types of music.  It depends on what kind of mood I’m trying to get into.  Coldplay.  Beyonce.  Kanye.  Frank Sinatra.  Lauryn Hill.  Brandy.  I have a pretty eclectic taste.  Pink.  Corrine Bailey Rae.  Damien Rice.  Stevie Wonder.  Yolanda Adams.


With the exception of watching a hilarious romantic comedy or having a drink with friends, there’s just no better way to get me out of a funk than to listen to music.

wpid-wp-1396056915325.jpeg To this day if I’m having a particularly stressful day when I get home I have to blast music for an hour or so.  I did it in college too.  Wow, I was such a crap roommate.  At least I have it under control now.

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