Youtubers, Body Image & Boobs

This blog post is about Youtuber Patricia Bright and her boob job.

Apparently, she had breast implants and many of her followers/fans/subscribers/stalkers have had a lot to say about it.

Patricia Bright is a super popular Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Blogger based in London.  You’ve probably heard of her and if you haven’t then you will.  Many people have actually been very supportive of her boob job simply saying things like “Do you, boo” or “She grown and it’s her money” and others have said she looks beautiful, which is true, she does look beautiful.  But there are other people who feel like Patricia is fake telling us to “embrace the body we have” but then turning around and getting a boob job.

Personally, I don’t care what she does with her body.  I’m actually more impressed with the fact that she was brave enough to undergo surgery in the first place.  I’m terribly afraid of surgery and anything hospital related so kudos to her for having the balls to do it. I agree that it is her body and her money and she can do whatever she wants. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the change until she posted the pic of her in a revealing halter top that showed a lot of cleavage and it was finally obvious that she’d gotten a boob job.  But prior to that I hadn’t noticed.  I don’t really go around checking out other women’s boobs unless their wearing a blouse I wish I could squeeze my own boobs into.

Having said all that…it is somewhat contradictory to post videos like:

(Edit: Video title has been changed since this blog post was published.)

And then go get a boob job.  It sends a mixed message to the younger teens who watch her videos and adore her. Admittedly, it also made a grown woman like me feel a little confused too.

As someone who developed early, I’ve always had trouble finding blouses that I could actually button up without busting through.

I often fantasized about getting a breast reduction.  I don’t have back problems or anything due to my breast size, I just wanted to wear strappy dresses and mesh tops and blouses.  Aesthetically, I thought smaller boobs would suit me.  I don’t think the smaller boobed ladies out there really appreciate how lucky they are to have the freedom to go bra-less, wear bikinis that fit without having spillage, wear cute bras (because for some reason manufacturers only make DD and DDD bras in ‘ugly’), and find a simple blouse that actually buttoned up all the way.

Both sides have their drawbacks.

The grass is always greener I guess.  I mean, aside from just clothing I also got a lot of unwanted attention from boys at a young age.  People would tap on my boobs like they were bongos or pretend to squeeze them or sometimes my guy friends would pull me into inappropriately long hugs just to cop a feel.  It made me feel cheap and disrespected but we can go into all that in another blog.  For a long time I really just wanted a breast reduction so that I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious.  I said if I ever got the money to I would.  In the meantime, I’m on a weight loss journey that will naturally reduce my size somewhat.  But I still give the side eye to the B and C cup ladies who can still leave something to the imagination.

I first stumbled onto Patricia Bright’s Youtube page about three years ago when I was working for a Youtube network.

I wasn’t into fashion and makeup then so I don’t know why I kept watching Patricia’s videos.  Something about her just made me want to listen.  Back then she talked more about God and Prayer and family and Faith.  I enjoyed her lookbooks and tutorials but it was the videos about her personal life that really drew me in.  As her channel grew, so did her success (she now gets sponsorship from a ton of different brands).

Patricia always talked about loving ourselves the way we are and working with what we got.

I was encouraged to start exploring makeup after watching her videos.  I started to believe that I could be beautiful at my size, with my natural hair and with my 38DDs (G-cup in some stores).  Living in Los Angeles totally stripped me of any confidence I had in my looks but over the past three years, just watching Patricia’s videos helped me change my way of thinking.  I wasn’t giving the side eye to smaller boobed chicks anymore!  I was working with what I had and finally starting to feel confident again.

So I can understand why this recent change has caused such a stir amongst Patricia’s youtube subscribers and Instagram followers.

I have to admit, I felt momentarily crestfallen.

I thought, “Oh.  It’s work with what you got until you can afford to change it,” (which opened up a whole other can of pain for me because really – I work in retail, when am I gonna be able to afford a breast reduction, liposuction, butt implants, a nose job and to remove that annoying bunion?)  For a split second, it was back to square one for me.

But then I started to think about the bigger picture and how Patricia Bright’s shiny ample-sized boobs are just a small part of what’s going on with the internet.

7 years ago YouTube was a great escape from the same lame crap on TV. Also, it was our platform to express ourselves blah blah blah. Now it’s totally exclusive. Hollywood totally had its fingers in it. We can’t escape commercials. Celebrities are doing web series. And body image has is an issue that’s transferred from movies, print, and TV to our so-called safe haven. I thought the internet (specifically YouTube) was the answer to the Hollywood exclusivity problem. I was wrong. But that too is another blog post.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, Patricia (and Beautycrush who also recently got a boob job) are confirmation that getting sponsors is a really well-paid gig.  Patricia has been going on all sorts of amazing trips, she’s been encouraging her readers to enter competitions with major brands, some of her videos have product placements and she’s been featured in several magazines.  She’s doing well.

Seeing her grow and change over the years has been pretty awesome and inspiring.  I want to see good things happen to her even though I don’t know her.  But changing her body makes me worry now about how Youtube is becoming like TV and Films where body image issues will again rear its ugly head. Youtube’s biggest beauty gurus have gotten boob jobs.  Whether they like it or not, they are sending a message to their viewers.

I went to bed a little sad last night after reading Patricia Bright’s Instagram post.

I was more annoyed with myself for caring so much.  I got into Youtube to be entertained not to actually be influenced by people I don’t know.  But ultimately that’s what happened.  I started to think of Patricia Bright as my “big sister” in a way and after seeing that post I started feeling insecure about my boobs again. I started thinking that they may be big but they don’t sit up pretty without a decent push-up bra.  I had that ugly horrible moment of comparing myself to other people again.  It sucked.  It sucked that someone’s actions had such an effect on me. Truth Bomb: staying positive and confident is my daily struggle.

If you’re a Patricia Bright fan (fanatic) please keep reading before you get all defensive here.  I know it’s up to me to get over my own issues.  I know that Patricia Bright never officially came out and said she wanted to be a role model.  I know that at the end of the day, she hasn’t done anything wrong.

But for every action, there is a reaction.

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve had the reaction that I did toward Patricia Bright’s boob job because now I can reprogram my brain. I remember why I got into YouTube and can distance myself a little. I can be less obsessed with living life vicariously through Patricia Bright (because let’s face it, that’s what we’re all doing when we eagerly click on her videos salivating over her Primark and Top Shop Hauls and say “You’re so gorgeous!” over and over again after every Instagram photo) and I can refocus my attention on own journey.

I have this bucket list I’m trying to get through.  I’m still on this (former) sidekick girl journey and I really have to stay vigilant about being positive and moving forward and not slipping back into old habits.  Habits like thinking I’m not pretty enough, or thin enough or have perky enough breasts…I can’t be that girl again.

I just want to reiterate that I am not judging Patricia and I don’t think she’s done anything wrong.  She’s a beautiful person and I’m really glad I found her Youtube channel.  What she said in her Instagram post was so on point – Change Happens.

Yes.  It certainly does.

So why did I write this post about Patricia Bright’s boobs?  Because I wanted to.  Simple as that 🙂

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  1. I loved THIS. This was an honest QUALITY post.
    I am thrilled when women of color can discuss other women(of color) in a respectful (yet concerned if it be) manner.

    I 100 % agree and share your sentiment when I sit down and ponder it. It’s always great to reflect on the content that we are INGESTING and how it makes us feel. I adore Patricia–I’m always a click away. But if anything I felt awkward when she shared the news. I couldn’t decide if I needed to know. Though I respected her transparency, I couldn’t tell if she announced it because she didn’t want to be caught later/have a commenter ‘air her out’ or if she consciously thought about any mixed signals she might be sending. I hope it was mostly the latter, but I didn’t watch that video til the end because it was awkward for me. Even now, I’m not sure how to feel but I think you’ve helped me figure it out LOL.

    1. It’s so funny, I literally was just rereading that post and even though I cringe at my own audacity to write about another Youtuber I still stand by what I wrote. I’m glad reading this helped you sort through your feelings on the matter too. Thank you for your comment! I respect Patricia as well and totally admire everything she’s accomplished. It was a confusing time when all that happened but honestly, I’m glad it snapped me back to reality and compelled me to focus on my own life, blog and Youtube channel. Still wish her all the best, of course! Thanks again for reading.

  2. This is my first time reading this blog post and coming across your blog for that matter. I’m new to the whole blogosphere but I’ve been watching Patricia bright for ages – this post is so valid and I see exactly where you’re coming from except the opposite end (I’m on the B C end of thangsss). But I almost felt the same way – I also like what you had do say about Hollywood, it’s a shame, YouTube it so special to all of us. Xo

  3. I know I’m late stumbling across this article, but I definilty agree with what you’re sharing Patrica has gotten me through my teen years through her down to earth authenticity, and it’s said to say she’s all sold out now. I really miss the old Patricia.

  4. Very well written! This is only the first post I’ve read but I like the way you write. I can totally relate as I too developed early. I too always dreamt of having a breast reduction. I never actually thought it was something that could be done. It was only a few years ago that my father told me he’d pay for the surgery if I wanted it. And then I found out that there was a chance that my insurance would cover the expense (I live in the Netherlands) Going to the doctor’s office by myself and having to take off my bra for a man (I never did that before!) was something I will never forget. I was able to keep it together until I walked out of his office and cried on my way home. About 6 months later I underwent surgery. It really wasn’t that bad, I barely had any pain at all! Recovery also went well. The happiness I felt is something that can’t be described. And grateful, I was very grateful even though the surgeon did not remove as much as I would’ve liked him too. I just felt so much more comfortable in my skin. Clothes fit better, I looked slimmer. Then I started to worry about the scars, which aren’t so bad either but I’ve gotten over that now. I’ll be 21 next week, the surgery took place in July 2013. My current bra size is an F. Still pretty big right? Sometimes I want another surgery, it’s still hard to find bras and bikinis and I still struggle with jackets etc. But I can honestly say I’m happy I had the chance to do it and that I actually did it as well. The biggest change was how I now look and feel about myself. That’s all that matters in the end. I hope you too will feel good about yourself whether you decide/are able to undergo surgery or not.

  5. A lot of people leaving negative comments clearly did not read this post. PLEASE READ THE POST BECAUSE SHE IS NOT BASHING PATRICIA.
    That being said….. I understand how you feel. I have always been small breasted and I have dreamt about implants although in reality I am terrified of doing it. So she is quite brave to do that. Many will preach to accept your body and I honestly believe they are sincere. However youtube is not like it was 7 years ago. People have vlog channels which is like reality tv plus regular channels. You have to keep up with fashion and that means your image. It is like you said hollywood has their claws in it. When you are constantly in the public eye and constantly in the spotlight your image is important. What did not matter to you before and things you were not insecure about before come out under the pressure of it all. I used to sing and do competitions and the main problem was being told constantly by my colleagues and by agents and advisors I need to relax my hair, use lighter foundation, stuff my bra more, wear more revealing clothing. It was ridiculous. That was on a little island and this is on a larger scale. She is exposed to so many people and influences. I just hope that if she really did it that she did it for her happiness and for no one else’s.

  6. Kudos on the post. I see Patricia quite differently from what most of her followers do on the regard of the breast augmentation. She has not changed, failed to live by her standards or presented a false outlook as a matter of a fact I think her genuine honesty in being open to public motivated her post about her breast augmentation. However, I think it was absolutely unnecessary on her part, as youtubers and bloggers you have to be more careful with how much of what you share with the public: and perhaps that was an over-share on her part . Nevertheless she is still an I inspirational young woman, whose successful in her own right. She is one in a handful of beauty gurus whose not afraid to wear a naked face…Patricia like all of us are human. I am 34DD confident bada$$ beauty but five years from now I’m shrinking these watermelon for something much more manageable…this does not equal self-hate…it’s self-enhancement lol.

    1. Good for you. Like I said if I were brave enough I think I’d shrink my 38DDs as well. I don’t think breast augmentation equals self-hate and I never implied that. I think Patrica is in a position to influence young girls and when she switches her views from “love the body you have” to “buy the body you want” and can be confusing for them. Like it or not she’s a role model and that’s not something to be taken lightly. I still think she’s genuine and all that good stuff but it doesn’t negate the fact that she contradicted herself. And again, she’s a grown woman and can do what she wants. But she’s also in the public eye which is exactly where she wanted to be. That means on occasion she will be subject to scrutiny. Just like with a real celebrity, when you put your life on the internet people will have opinions. Thanks for reading.

    2. Well said. She was so honest about it and now people are attacking her. She is such an inspiration and I wish people would concentrate more on all the good that she has done

  7. Woahhhh. I won’t even try to lie and say I suspected a boob job, I just found out like 5 mins ago. I mean I stopped watching YouTube videos as my uni work was piling but I followed her instagram but missed the post about getting them done. I noticed they looked bigger/perkier but thought it was a great bra or some amazing boob-toning exercise, (I’m so naive ahaha) Can you believe I never noticed until I saw some comments on YouTube confirming it. And oh my gosh, it was so weird. I’m not gonna lie I was like ‘Nahh, who’d spread such random rumors?’ which is weird, right? Pat’s not my mum/sister/relative ( though we are both Nigerian and in the UK) I just never expected it from her. She always seemed so about loving who you are and how God created you, ya know? I just thought she respected her ‘temple of a body’ enough but yeah. I had heard about Sammi’s, off BeautyCrush, boob work but was like ‘meh’ as I don’t worship her like I do Patricia. But as long as Pat’s happy so am I. Gosh I sound like a right stalker lol

  8. I first came upon Patricia with her first youtube channel

    The channel focused on growing healthy hair in its a natural state….There were challenges and products and length goals and length checks. You know the drill, love your hair, work with it etc. etc. and then BAM! She relaxed her hair and made a statement achieving goal length, hair health, end of a journey etc.

    2012: She ‘didn’t like how her natural hair looked’ and switched to the chemically straigtened hair.

    2014: She didn’t like how her breasts looked and switched to silicone implants.

    Free to change her mind…yes.

    I think she is brave to display so much flakiness? vacillating? confidence (ha)? to so wide an audience.

    Feels like deja vu.

    Btw she is back to natural now…shrug

    1. I remember her other channel although I didn’t find out about it until well after she became big on YouTube. I’ve switched my hair back and forth from natural to relaxed a few times. Back to natural now for good. I think it’s OK to change your mind when you’re that young. And when she couldn’t commit to natural hair she left the community and shut down that channel-which is good I think. It’s different when the community is not just naturalistas but young girls who want to be beautiful. I hope they don’t follow her lead in everything- especially where breast augmentation is concerned.

  9. I had noticed that her boobs looked bigger, but I had assumed subconciously that she was just wearing extra padding. Then I saw commenters mention a boob job and did some investigating. I can definitely see where everyone’s feelings are coming from here. Patricia is a grown woman and can do what she wants with her money – even changing her appearance to feel more confident. But she has also specifically been an advocate for confidence with small breasts or whatever features you may have. Because of this, I can understand her follower’s shock at the change of heart. No one should feel angry at her or boycott her for this, but I do think those who have watched her videos long term are justified to feel disappointed. We have continued to go back to her channel to hear the message of body positivity and tips for dressing a small breasted frame, and are disappointed that we have now lost that. It’s not about being upset that *Patricia* got a boob job, but that we have lost the only source (that I know of) of a youtouber that was really authentic with that part life, self-image, and style. Oh well, I guess.

  10. Oh Patty dear. I have to say if it’s true that she got a boob job … “But changing her body makes me worry now about how Youtube is becoming like TV and Films where body image issues will again rear its ugly head. Yutubes biggest beauty gurus have gotten boob jobs.”
    I remember seeing post on instagram but never gave it a second tot. I tot she was joking.. like pulling our legs that she got a boob job to get a reaction…. till today I don’t know the difference…. I am of the opinion she hasn’t.
    Well the only thing that her fans who are against it, is that they feel betrayed. this time and age, image is portrayed as everything… God help us all. It’s only God can help us on any of our insecurities… nothing else. If you consider anybody ur role model or mentor… pray for them… they r humans too.

  11. I can really relate to this post as till this day I actually can’t believe it ..I looked up to her and found her an inspiration for darkskinned girls like me out here ..she was the perfect role model and now looking back I dont know what to say to be honest but to say that I feel hurt and cheated.. she had the nerves to post confidence videos and mention the lords name ..that he had specifically created her that way and that we should be proud.Furthermore going onto to say things such as ‘ we’re special in God’s eyes’ and to shake what ‘your momma gave you’ I see her as a total hypocrite now and theres so much anger I have towards her because as a teen shes was the only youtuber I could relate to; black darkskinned and British. . Since she got the boobjob I just couldn’t stand her, the thought of her trying to tell me to be proud of being an unique sculpture of God whilst she goes and gets a boob job.. anyway I have now stopped watching her and unsubscribed on everything possible as what got me even more mad was her rudeness in the comment section of when she posted the photo About ” I own my own house, car and I am a grown woman and could do as I please’ I just couldn’t believe my eyes that she was the same girl claiming to be loyal and truthfull.. Since then God definently opened my eyes and I saw her for what she truelly is.. a fake an fob and a hypocrite. But the most amusing thing is when u watch shirleys recent video ft her and the topic of boobs and bras surface.. her face seems to be so uncomfortable and she suddenly changes her behavioural characteristics to being very uncomfortable; as she truely knows what she has done and how it has impacted so many young people. .and I hate to Judge but the Lord has definently been watching and taking note.. BUT then again I am only a hurt teen expressing my feelings and will eventually learn how to get over crooks such as her.. so Lord forgive me for my hatred but these are just my thoughts.. but I just feel like she owes young teens like me an apology a reason atleast she has literally fed us lies and has left us stranded and confused on how its acceptable to go from” how to love what God gave you” to “scientifically enhance your body ‘ anyway I have said my bit.. glad I could express my feelings, thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Josephine,

      Thank you for your comment and for expressing yourself. I’m trying to choose my words carefully as I respond to you because I remember what it was like to be a teenager and to want a role model in my life to look up to. I grew up in a predominately White town and I always felt ugly, I was the token Black girl, boys didn’t like me etc. etc. I needed a role model like nobody’s business. I found one in the singer/actress Brandy but it wasn’t long before I became very disappointed in her. I felt like she’d let me down. As a teenager, I thought role models were supposed to be perfect and do everything right but then I became an adult and I was nowhere near perfect. In fact, it took me finding Patricia Bright’s channel to finally be inspired to get my act together. In time, I think you’ll see that Patricia is human like you and she’s nowhere near perfect and I don’t think she tried to act like it either. I think she did what she thought was best for her and what would make her happy. And even though it can be confusing to us – it’s still her right to do what makes her happy. I truly believe she thinks we are perfect in God’s eyes and that we should be proud of our bodies. She’s never tried to change her appearance with her skin tone which tells me she’s very proud to be a darkskinned British woman so where that’s concerned you can definitely still relate. I also don’t think she meant to hurt anyone or let anyone down. Maybe her comments were defensive but I don’t think there was any malice behind them. I think she’s still a wonderful person and I feel like deep down you still believe it too. And here’s the thing – the advice that she gave you is still valid. You should love yourself, love your body, love being a beautiful dark-skinned British girl. Have that confidence in yourself – with or without a role model- you can still believe in yourself. You can still know your worth and be happy with what you have – with how God created you. Definitely try to take the positive experiences and advice from Patricia’s channel – the ones that benefit you and serve you – and let the rest go. That’s what I did. Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t bring up other good points. I hope that in time you’ll feel less hurt by what’s happened. It’s good to take a step back from the Youtube world though. Definitely take some time to focus on yourself, spend time with friends and family you know in real life. I was concerned that young teenagers would be influenced by the alterations many popular Youtubers are doing to their appearances. That’s why I wrote this blog post. So I will say please don’t feel pressured to change your body if you don’t want to. You are, indeed, perfect just the way you are. Thanks for reading.

  12. wow i love this so much. i too need to step back, i never cared about fashion or anything but I’m slowly getting obsessed. Its okay to want to look nice but not to the point where you spent money you don’t have or spend time watching all these blogs and not living your own life or studying. =) still love patty though. Its nice to see black role models who are not the stereotypical thats seen on tv and movies. she reads books watches scifi, does not swear and she is passionate about education and being successful. I totally relate to that.

    1. Awww yes she is indeed all of those things. I think it’s why it’s so easy for people to love her and want to know her IRL. But I’ve really been making an effort to focus on my own life these days. Thanks for reading!

  13. Really why do you care so much about what she does with her own body? ‘disappointed’? Did you pay her school fees.?You girls watch too much tv, please emotionally invest in someone in your life you interact with

    1. Haha you didn’t read this post did you? And if you felt the need to comment on a post you didn’t read then it might be safe to assume that “we girls” aren’t the only ones emotionally invested in her. Maybe you don’t have body image issues or insecurities like the rest of us. Of course as a male you could walk around with a beer belly, balding head and rotting teeth and you’d still have a better chance of success career wise than a female. We simply have concerns you just don’t get.
      In which case, why don’t you go play in the corner somewhere and let the grown ups talk. Bye!

    1. How shall I prove it? Hunt down her medical records? And the caps were unnecessary sweetie. Relax we’re just having a friendly chat over here. I have no reason to lie on the woman. If you missed the announcement I can’t help you. Thanks for reading my blog!

  14. Great blog post. I really liked Patricia before all of this, one of my friends said she had changed since a few years ago but I didn’t want to believe it. Guess it is true. For me, its just so sad because I guess I was living vicariously through her as she gave me so much confidence as a young black girl. I also really want a boob job now but I am too scared of the surgery. hopefully she does a video on it… xx

    1. If I’m being totally honest – I really do want to get a breast reduction. But I’m way too scared and I don’t have the money for that kind of stuff. One thing’s for sure about Patricia – she’s a brave woman.

  15. Really good post! – I recently wrote one similar on this type of thing too and was directed to yours after my comments about Patricia being the only one to have finally figured out that it’s about what you have and not coveting what others have. Which is true to an extent but now I feel cheated seen as what she has is actually a new pair of tatas. I’m now really confused about all of the new videos about self confidence and the ‘do you, girlfriend’ type comments. Sure, she looks lots more confident in her videos but I completely missed the boob job update. – At least it wasn’t too extreme. – And I agree with you 100% about being scared of surgery. Nope…. never.

    1. Omg yes I really confused at first. She’s always come across as confident so I started wondering if that was a front. I mean it’s my fault for thinking of her as a role model in the first place but still. Yes she put a pic of her boobs on IG and said she had them done but then took it down. I’m not sure why. I mean it is her body and money. For me it just put a lot of things into perspective re: YouTube stars. They give advice they don’t necessarily follow. So I’m being more careful about the level of admiration I have for people from now on. I don’t want to feel that type of confusion again. What was your post about? I want to read it. Did you include a link?

      1. I did but here it is again –
        Considering I never even noticed that she’d had any work done I think that says a lot. It really is just the small things that niggle away at people. To us it looks like there was no problem at all seen as we didn’t see a difference but to her it must have been getting her down a lot. Or maybe she just fancied new boobs like she fancies new hair. Who knows? It’s her choice.

        1. Awww yeah that’s so true. You’re absolutely right. I definitely didn’t notice a difference until she said it. So yeah. Still think the world of her. Lol to me she’s like the Beyonce if YouTube. And she gives me hope that dark skin girls can be successful and loved and work with brands and stuff. In fact, when that casting call happened I thought of her and was like no one would think of get as a D. We just need to get more of us out in front so the rest of the world can recognize.

          1. That’s exactly it. There are so many black girls out there already but whether society agrees or not, they’re the lighter side of black. We need a few more Lupita’s in the blogging/blogging/Hollywood world and then we’ll get to where we want to be.

  16. Excellent blog post! I really like how you weren’t blatantly judging, or supporting, Patricia’s decision but instead coming at it from different perspectives. Great job!

    1. Thank you! Just had to remind myself that I don’t actually know her even though sometimes it feels like I do because she let’s us get a glimpse of her aspirational life. Still love her blog posts and videos!

  17. You just said what I was trying to explain to but didnt have the words to say it, plus you really can’t say anything to her stand or you will be eaten alive, lol..

  18. I didn’t even know this! I agree, “Do You Boo!”
    Totally love that girl so, if she likes it, or in this case “them”, I love them! ;). But I do see where you’re coming from. All very valid and reasonable points. Great blog you have here!

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