Travel: A Fairytale Wedding in Puglia, Italy!

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Hey lovelies!

I attended a fairytale wedding I in Puglia, Italy and it was awesome.

They told me that a wedding in the south of Italy would be like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. They weren’t wrong. Check out the pictures and read all about it below.¬†

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It was a fairytale wedding and an unforgettable occasion.

It’s a 10 hour drive from Varese to Puglia so we opted to fly.

We were only staying three days so I packed light. Just a couple of my favourite dresses from Asos, a few pairs of shoes, three swimsuits…Ok I didn’t pack that light but I was able to stuff everything into my carryon.

Unless I’m going on a long trip I usually bring a carry on so as to avoid baggage claim. I’ve been using a hardshell spinner suitcase. I switched to it when I started traveling more often and I’m never going back. You can find a wide selection at Amazon. I’ve got my eye on a few new ones.

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The multidirectional wheels make it so easy to maneuver around a busy airport. I like the hardshell because they’re pretty durable and if I’m unlucky enough to have to check my bag due to a packed flight then I’m not worried about it getting damaged.

Our flight was quick and painless.

I listened to my new favourite audiobook “Sometimes I Lie,” by Alice Feeney for the duration.

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When we arrived at the airport in Brindisi we had to wait 20 minutes for our ride so we started the celebration early with a cold beer, which we ended up having to chug since our ride arrived earlier than expected.

We then headed to meet the rest of the family for a big lunch with the groom. I mentally prepared myself for all the food I would be consuming over the next couple of days. There’s. So. Much. Food.

After lunch, we went on a very quick tour of the tiny town. I immediately fell in the love with the architecture and the colours.

We then checked into a quaint little BnB, which was right across the road from “Mosquito,” the only bar in town. The rest of the family arrived for a few drinks before going back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. Again, I mentally prepared myself for all the food we were about to consume!

After dinner we went with the groom to his bride’s home where he serenaded her with a song. It was romantic and I started to cry. Like, I was seriously emotional about it. Possibly too much Prosecco? After the singing we had more Prosecco then went back to the bar for more drinks.

We spent the next morning at the beach where I mostly slept off my hangover.

Then it was time to get ready for the wedding. One would think I’d be all wedding’d out considering I’d just had my own Italian wedding just one month prior but actually it was even more fun because the pressure of being a bride wasn’t on me this time around. I could relax and enjoy being a guest!

All of the guests looked so beautiful but the bride and groom shined, of course. I didn’t understand a word of the ceremony since it was all in Italian but it was nice to be in a church again – even if it was boiling hot!

After the ceremony it was time for the reception. We all piled onto a charter bus (I affectionately called it the “drunk bus”) for the 45 minute drive. The venue was absolutely stunning, the food was delicious, the music was perfect and I’m still dreaming about the dessert.

We poured ourselves into bed at about 4am.

It took about a day to fully recover from all the fun. I’m bummed I didn’t get a picture with the bride because she was absolutely stunning. But I did have a memorable experience. Weddings truly are magical.

And I’d love to visit Puglia again soon.

Ciao for now,

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