Life in Italy: Friday Night is Date Night

It was Saturday and I'd spent the day cleaning. The space is bigger so there's more to do so I've been trying to get into a cleaning schedule. I finished up the bathroom and stepped back to admire my work. It just needed a few more touches - a few candles, some bath salts - and it will be nice and cozy.

So what to do with the rest of the evening? Back in London we would've normally had dinner at home and then gone to our favourite Brew Dog in Shepherd's Bush. We haven't found a new favourite spot in Italy yet so we got on Google and did a bit of research and ended up deciding on dinner at a quaint little German restaurant about 30 minutes away.

I happen to love Bratwurst so I was looking forward to it.

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On the drive to the restaurant I played Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" on Spotify because I'd been humming it all day and hubby had never heard it before. We drove through the dark woods with Maxwell pouring through the speakers and the darkening sky above. It was romantic.

We got to the restaurant and were shown to our table. I needed the menu translated for me and appreciated our waiter's patience throughout the ordering process. He smiled at me - and it wasn't the kind of fake smile that people give that makes me feel about 2 cm tall. It was genuine.

The food was delicious! As was the beer...

I barely had room for dessert but as it was date night I felt like I should just go for it. I'd been craving Apple Struedel so I decided to order it with a scoop of ice cream. Our waiter asked which dessert I wanted and then prompted me to order it in Italian. I stumbled through a shy order and couldn't remember if the Italian word for ice cream was "panna" or "crema." The waiter playfully wagged his finger at me - and not in the way that usually annoys me when someone is chastising me for not still having not mastered the Italian language. "Gelato," he corrected and I mentally kicked myself. I'd been eating gelato all summer - it's almost insane that I'd completely blanked just then. Sometimes I seriously crack under pressure. I laughed at myself as the waiter left to get our dessert order.

When it arrived I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish all of it but I took one bite of it and then practically inhaled the rest. It was delicious!

We had coffee then - not espresso but an actual cup of black coffee like the way I used to do back in the states. As I sipped the hot liquid I felt momentarily homesick. But it soon passed when the waiter brought over a small glass of raspberry flavoured liqueur. It, too, was quite tasty and the perfect way to finish the dinner.

On the way back to the car we walked by a streetlight just as it was turning on. I decided it was a sign that a photo was in order.

I slept on the drive home - something I normally do during car rides longer than 10 minutes. When we got back home I was wide away though and so I stayed up to do some late night writing.

I don't know that this German restaurant will be a regular spot for us but it's nice to continue exploring new places in our new environment.

Where shall we go next?

Ciao for now, 

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  1. Wow, this all looks amazing! You are making me crave Italian food right now! Lol. I love all the photos too!

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