Travel: Quick Trip to London

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Ciao Lovelies! In today's post, I'm talking about my recent trip to London. 

Remember when I said in my previous post that the Law of Attraction is real thing? I'd literally just been thinking about how much I was missing writing and wondering if I'd be inspired to write anything new when BOOM - I'm offered a writing opportunity and BOOM I'm headed to London.

So off I went on a 5-day trip to London.

It was awesome. You guys, I visited London twice and stayed a month both times before actually moving there and I felt like a princess the entire time. When I lived there it was a whole other story. But when I went there again for my quick working holiday I was definitely a princess again. 

London is truly an amazing place to visit. 

I stayed with friends in Canada Water.

Another reason why visiting London is so awesome. When I lived there I mostly stayed central or on the West Side and very rarely went anywhere else. As a visitor, I actually felt like exploring. I had fun learning a completely new commute and familiarizing myself with a different neighborhood. 


My awesome hosts took me to Hawker House the first night.

Let me tell you, everything about this place was pretty much amazing. It's basically a mega market where you can get street food. It's only open on Friday and Saturdays, free entry before 7pm (?) and there's a FREE CLOAKROOM!!!  No really, it was totally free.

Quick Trip to London
Quick Trip to London


There are so many choices for food and drinks - I literally wanted to eat everything. I decided to have a starter consisting of fried squid from a place called Ink Squid Bar. I happen to love fried squid and was keen to try this dish until I learned it was served with mayonnaise.

If you know me then you know I hate mayonnaise. I loathe mayonnaise. I detest mayonnaise.

So...clearly I wasn't going anywhere near this dish, right?

I know I could've eaten the squid without the mayonnaise and was considering doing just that but then I talked to one of the owners, Josh, and he explained the dish was pretty much about the mayonnaise. He started talking about pastel colors and I was, "Ooh, tell me more..." and then it got really interesting because when Josh presented me with the dish I felt like I was looking at a little plate of heaven.

The squid was cooked to perfection, the seasoning was mouthwatering but the best part really was the three globs of pastel-colored mayonnaise surrounding the pile of squid rings. It looked so pretty and it smelled amazing!

The flavors of the mayonnaise globs were miso, wild garlic, and smoked chili. Have you ever heard of such a thing? And let me tell ya' was good.

Yes, I actually ate mayonnaise. And I loved it. 

Don't get it twisted - I'm not #TeamMayo now. I didn't eat those globs of mayo by the spoonful or anything. But I did dip (and double dipped) my crispy SALT and SZECHUAN squid rings into each little glob and thoroughly enjoyed the little happy dance my tastebuds did for every bite. 

If you go Hawker House definitely stop by Ink Squid Bar, owned by Josh and Luce. Check out their Instagram as well for better quality photos of the delicious dish.  Sorry, my photos really don't do the dish justice. 

Quick Trip to London

Are You A Foodie? Go On A London Food Tour With Eating Europe!

I'm not going to lie you guys the food really was the best part of my trip to London.

I could not stop taking food pics! Sorry-not-sorry.


I almost didn't make it to the Victoria and Albert Museum but I'm so glad I managed to squeeze it in. The V&A is my absolute favorite museum and I make a point of stopping by whenever possible. 

I got some work done and even managed to stay on time on my blog!

Then, of course, I got to catch up with a few friends. It was only a short trip but I'll be back again soon, feeling like a princess and doing my best to cram as much adventure into the trip. 

And of course I had wine and even got some of my favourite London people involved! 

Quick Trip to London

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Next time I'm in London I hope to see a few shows! There are so many that I've been dying to see so I'll have to make sure to schedule it in.

What shows have you seen in London?

Anything on your wishlist? 

Ciao for now

That Former Sidekick Girl x

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