Hyde Series Ebony and Iron

The Perfect Gift + Jord Watches Exclusive Deals just in time for Black Friday!

Ciao guys!

Wooden Wrist Watch

Tis the season, am I right?

Can you feel it in the air? The anticipation, the rush of adrenaline, the thrill of excitement, the panic, the fear, the anxiety – no, just me? OK.

As much as I love shopping I truly to do get anxiety when it comes to shopping for my loved ones.

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I tend to overthink the process and, naturally, suck the fun out of the thing I love doing. It’s just something about there being an occasion or an event for which a gift is expected that makes me feel anxious. But if it’s a regular day of the week I have no trouble finding great gifts. Bizarre I know.

My husband is a wiz at getting birthday, Christmas and Anniversary gifts for me. It drives me nuts because though I do believe it’s the thought that counts and not the gift itself, I know this guy always puts a lot of thought into every gift and he always gets it right. So every year the pressure is on for me to find something he’ll love, appreciate and actually get some use out of. His birthday comes a month before Christmas so my anxiety starts right after my birthday in May and doesn’t go away until the New Year.

I’m just one of those gift-givers who actually cares that the gift I’m giving will be received with pure joy, you know? I care what you think. I want to be associated with that gift for the rest of your life – like when you look at that gift I want you to think of me and smile and just, you know, be like, “Wow, Dawn is an awesome gift-giver.” Is that asking too much?

Anyway, I’d been stressing over what birthday and Christmas gifts to get my husband when I was approached by Jord Watches to do a collaboration for the Holiday season. I’d already heard about the company and was a fan of their watches so I was super excited to work with them. They have a lovely selection of Women’s watches and I was all set to select one for myself. But then I remembered that my husband loves watches and an idea started to form.

Timing is everything, am I right? (hehe, pun intended)

I don’t really wear watches but my husband collects them. I couldn’t believe it had never occurred to me before but, yeah, a Jord Wood Watch would actually be the perfect gift for him! So instead of selecting a watch for myself for the collaboration, I decided to surprise my husband with one. I looked through their amazing selection of Men’s watches and found the perfect one!

As I said, I’d already been aware of the company and knew their product was stellar. I also knew that a wood watch would be something totally new to my husband so he’d be really excited about it. I looked at the website and immediately zeroed in on the new Hyde Series, instantly falling in love with the Ebony and Iron watch. I knew at first sight that it was the right choice. Lightweight with a gorgeous, bold face and precision quartz movement, it impressed without even trying.

Hyde Series Ebony and Iron
Hyde Series Ebony and Iron

When the watch arrived and I presented it to my husband (I even had it engraved!) we were both so in love with that I made a mental note to get one for myself! I’m serious guys, this watch is gorgeous! Everything about it, including the packaging, is so lovely. The watch actually came in a beautiful wooden box and also included a manual, cleaning oil and a cloth. Truly impressive. Elegant down to the last detail.

If you want a watch that will stand out and also stand the test of time (hehe) I suggest you get a Jord Watch.

Go here to gain access to exclusive discounts! You’ll also be emailed an instant coupon for 25% off your purchase. This link will close on December 15th, 2017 at 11:59 PM so hurry, don’t miss out! 

Guys, the best part is that they have Free Shipping to the UK and Worldwide. You guys know I live for my free shipping, obviously, me and Jord Watch were a match made in heaven!

Hyde Series Ebony and Iron
Hyde Series Ebony and Iron
Hyde Series Ebony and Iron

I still have more Holiday shopping to worry about but at least this is one thing checked off my list. My husband’s birthday just passed – he loved the watch and the engravement! He’s been wearing it ever since and I personally think he looks rather distinguished.

How’s your Holiday shopping going so far?

Ciao for now,

That Former Sidekick Girl x

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