Alice In Wonderland

I Live in an Alternate Universe, and Other Realities

So apparently I live in an alternate universe, a fantasyland if you will. 

Most writers and artists are oftentimes away with the fairies. I accepted this about myself a long time ago. I am a daydreamer and a dream chaser.

I laugh at my own jokes, I make up random stories about strangers I see in passing, and whenever I cross paths with a child having a public meltdown while its parent desperately tries to get it to calm down I mutter under my breath, "That's not your child." It's dark humor but it's mine and I love it. See, in my alternate universe, quirky ticks like that are awesome. And everything is made of cake and we can eat rice and bread every day without it being "bad" for your "health." Psssh.

I have loads of fun in my little fantasyland and I totally love living here. But apparently, not everyone has gotten the memo. Not everyone understands or believes me when I say - I actually say - I'm not normal. They think I'm joking or trying to be cute (ahem, in my world, I don't have to try to be cute. I just be.)

People are still somehow surprised to find me marching to the beat of my own drum and playing by my own rules and defying the laws of gravity and shit. It's bananas how thick some people can be.

It's my fault though.

I've been in this other world for like a really long time and I have yet to have a housewarming party. Oops.

So as we close out the year 2017 let me take this opportunity to cordially invite you all to stop by my world for a visit. Official invites go out in January - let's just call this the SAVE THE DATE.

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Alice in Wonderland

I've always had a powerful imagination. I believed anything was possible. And so it was. 

But seriously, ever since I can remember I've always had a powerful imagination. 

When I was young I used to pretend I was a princess or that I had an identical twin sister. When I got older I started having conversations with myself. It was for my scripts. I wanted to be really good at writing dialogue and so, much like when I used to practice kissing my stuffed teddy bears, pillows, my arm and (once) my friend - I wanted to practice the dialogue and get it just right. 

It was part of my creative process. Not crazy at all. 


Alice In Wonderland

My alternate reality is my safe haven away from abusive, controlling men and toxic friendships.

I grew up in an abusive household and I lived in a predominately white, super racist neighborhood. I had drama, conflict and sometimes even objects flying at me from all sides.

To survive, I went to a happy place. I went to an imaginary place where little Black girls were princesses and daddy's girls - not punching bags. 

That world only grew as I got older. It became more real than the real world. It's where I've put all my hopes and dreams and plans. It's where I've put all my laughter, romance, pretty dresses, and cupcakes. 

As a believer in the Law of Attraction I know that the more I believe in my alternate universe, the more real it becomes. Many of the wishes and dreams I had as a young girl have been realized. From traveling to having a dream wedding in both London and Italy. From getting my Film Degree from New York University to studying abroad and getting my Masters Degree.

Thoughts become things. What you focus on grows. 

I'm a Black girl from Newark, New Jersey. The people I encountered in my youth didn't believe I'd get anywhere in life - mostly because they couldn't. 

I had to learn to tune those people out.

Alice In Wonderland

It used to offend me when people (usually men) tried to chastise me or make me feel inferior by telling me I lived in a dreamland. But the more accomplishments I achieved, the better I felt about living in this other world. Now I embrace being able to go to my happy place, plant my seeds, write down my dreams and watch them become a reality.

I also like playing by my own rules. That's just one of the many many perks of being the Queen of my own alternate universe.

I'm in charge. I'm the boss.

As a result, I get to decide who gets to be part of my world. I get to decide who's just passing through and who will be a permanent resident. It's my world - my vortex as it's referred to by Abraham Hicks - and I only want good things and good people in it. 

The funny thing is, the people who criticize me for being a dreamer (#daydreamer #dreamchaser) are the ones with little to no imagination. It's not their fault though. My path, my journey, my purpose and my plans are clear to me - they don't have to be clear to other people.

I can only hope that one day they'll truly start to believe in the power of manifestation (instead of regurgitating rhetoric they read in books) and begin to create their own alternate universe.

Basically, I wish them well. 

Cause I'm over here in my own personalized LA LA Land and I'm Lah-Lah-Loving it. 

Ciao for now,

That Former Sidekick Girl x 

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  1. Master of your own destiny , great read..i use to look in thr mirror and pretend the person looking back was a twin from a diff world so yeah..,😀

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