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Valentine’s Day Dress Insp

Ciao lovelies!

In today's post, I'm sharing my Valentine's Day dress inspiration with you!

I'm so excited about Valentine's Day, you guys. It's my first time celebrating it in Italy so I'm really feeling quite romantic these days. My celebration actually begins tomorrow (Tuesday) with a wine tasting in Como in the evening. You guys know I love wine tasting so this should be really nice.

Hubby has actually planned a day trip to a surprise location (he's keeping the details secret) on Valentine's Day. I'm excited because that gives me another opportunity to try another look. I don't know what that will be though since I literally just found out about this day trip.  

Either way, it's shaping up to be a fun Valentine's Day. I know it wasn't that long ago that I made fun people who celebrated Valentine's Day but, if I'm being honest, I secretly always liked the idea of doing something on the holiday - whether with friends or lovers.

I also love wearing pink or red!

That Former Sidekick Girl

Let's start with this red number. I think a bright red dress is always the best way to go for Valentine's Day. Whether you're single or coupled up, if you're trying to turn heads, bright red is the way to go. 

The brand is Boo Hoo and I ordered it from my favorite site, ASOS. 

I like it because it's short, vibrant and has that retro 80s feel to it. The velvet material is actually quite comfortable and I feel like the neckline is good for the amount of cleavage I wanted to show. When I first saw it I just felt like I needed to be wearing it immediately if not sooner. 

I'm wearing fishnet stockings and to dress it down a bit, decided to wear chunky Chelsea boots. I think it's a bit short for heels so if I wear this dress for the wine tasting I will most likely wear flat knee-high boots. 

That Former Sidekick Girl
That Former Sidekick Girl

Pink is seriously my favorite color and it's not just for Wednesdays either (hehe, Mean Girls reference).

This dress is also from ASOS. It's short, flirty and that sweetheart neckline is everything. 

What I like most about the dress is that it's pink without being too pink. And it can easily be dressed down if you choose to wear it with flats instead of heels. 

Crescendo - The Gift of Orgasmic Pleasure
That Former Sidekick Girl
That Former Sidekick Girl

I love wearing black.

I believe in the importance of having a little black dress, therefore I have about 10 little black dresses in my closet.

The love is real.

Black is also an option for Valentine's Day! But if you're like me and always tend to wear black dresses but you still want to wear black then switch it up a bit. This ASOS Jersey Jumpsuit with Ruched Corset Waist is just the right amount of casual and sexy and I love it. 

If you're feeling brave enough to show off the girls (like, really show off the girls) this Valentine's Day then go with something with a deep plunge and strut yo stuff

I've paired this jumper with this necklace from Freshly Styld. It's such a pretty necklace, I have a hard time not wearing it. 

That Former Sidekick Girl

Last but not least, there's this pink and black number that I'm very much in love with! It's actually long, guys, and goes just below my knees. I think it's very feminine and, for me, works better if it's worn with heels and a bit dressed up. 

As you can see I was really going for "glamorous" here! The dress hugs in all the right places and doesn't show too much cleavage. It feels like it's the best choice for a wine tasting because it's not too dressy, doesn't show too much cleavage and even though it's very pretty it's not flashy. Plus, it's black and pink so it's like the best of both worlds. 

I think I may have chosen my dress, ya'll! Let me know in the comments what you think.

Also, what are your plans for Valentine's Day? What are you wearing? 

Ciao for now

That Former Sidekick Girl x

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