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  • Naticia, The
Naticia, The

Naticia, The

Bateaux London, Embankment PierLondonWC2N 6NU
Nearest Tube
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Charing Cross

Naticia, The, London


The traditional Naticia, with her mirrored and wooden interior, not only maintains classic charm but creates the perfect atmosphere for guests to indulge and relax whilst experience some of the best views of London’s skyline.

The Naticia Experience

Naticia complements Bateaux London’s fleet and is the perfect way to cruise and dine in style.

The split-level vessel boasts a gallery overlooking the dance floor, ensuring both top and main decks are part of the same space. With excellent exterior viewing areas on both the upper and lower decks, a bar, small lounge area, cloakroom and washroom facilities, Naticia is a popular choice for both restaurant cruises and private events on the Thames.


Length 34.14metres
Width 8.55 metres
Capacity Lower Deck 95 seats
Capacity Upper Deck 70 seats
Capacity Total Area 178 seats